Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Season Seven Premiere

CSI Miami Season Seven premiered the first episode with the arrival of Horatio's team at the airport, emergency lights blaring. Detective Ryan Wolfe (Jonathan Togo) . was the first responder and he told the team that Horatio was dead and that he had already released the body.

The team was shaken with emotion, but suspicious about the disappearance of the body. The detectives started investigating forensic evidence and found that it did not add up. Erik Rodriguez (Erik Delko) and Emily Procter (Calleigh Duquesne) confronted Ryan, who was forced to admit that Horatio was still alive.

The hit was out on Horatio. He had staged his own execution, so he could go underground and flush out the culprits.

NOTE: cisss... x mati rupanya... propa lebih....(nak cari info lagi... tunggu2... x sabar ni)


mamazana said...

la... ye ke. kak zana pun br ingatkan si ryan tu bersubahat dgn someone else nak bunuh horatio. apa pun kita tunggu mlm ni.

mlm ni kena berebut dgn tisya. die tu asyik sibuk tgk playhouse disney je..

Dania's mummy said...

akak: astro indon ada Channel AXN gak ker? then subtitle dia indon la yer? atau dia da alih bahasa? mlm ni jugak yer premiere dia?

Sarah Syazwani said...

haa tula dah kata mesti H tu x mati...xkanla mamat poyos tu mudah sgt matinyer..hehe..nt ilang seri CSI:Miami

Mrs Taj said...

dah agak dah takkn hero leh mati cepat sgt..