Monday, November 24, 2008


Introducing the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 powered by Maxis Broadband. This small and sleek Mini 9 comes with built-in mobile broadband that lets you connect anytime, anywhere, within Maxis Broadband’s coverage area. So you can surf the net, check emails and chat online without having to rely on WIFI connectivity or external modems. That’s the power of the Maxis Broadband-ready Dell Inspiron Mini 9!

• Built-in HSPA Maxis
broadband modem
• Small and portable –
only 8.9-inch LED display
• Lightweight – only 1.035 kg
• Internet anywhere across Maxis'
HSDPA/3G/EDGE networks

At only RM99 a month x 24 months, you’ll get
• a Dell Inspiron Mini 9, and
• 6 months of Maxis Broadband Subscription Payment mode : The amount of RM2,376 is payable over 24 months via credit card at 0% interest under the easy payment scheme from participating banks
NOTA: sumber info dari
best la..... nipis dan kecik ajer tau... syok la klu nak bwk2 keluar, x de la bwk gedabak2... tp klu pakai kt rumah, mesti x best, sbb x besar screen dia... heheheheh... aku nak jual la NB aku, de yg nak beli tak? ha!!! aku de idea.... nanti aku nak ckp dgn laki aku la... aku dgr2 mertua aku nak cr PC utk anak dia, nanti aku suruh laki aku suggestkan kat mak dia beli NB aku je la.. so aku leh la beli DELL MINI INSPIRON 9 ni...*wink* *wink*

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